How to Add New Subscriber in Trumpia List Via API in PHP

Trumpia is a leading Messaging and Marketing company. Its a automated communications platform which provide complete texting solution. Using this you can send bulk messages to users with automated process.

Trumpia’s API provide features to integrate your system to his services. In this post we will explain you, how to getting start with it and add new subscriber in your Subscriber List via api.

To communicate with the Trumpia api, you need an API KEY. Get your api key through send a request to trumpia support. After accepting their policies and reviewing, your request will approve and issue a unique Api Key.

How to Add New Subscriber in Trumpia list via API:

You need to include “request_rest.php” file to execute the api calls. Here is the file code:

After save this file, create “add_subscriber.php” file to add new subscriber in list. You have to place your Trumpia Api Key in this file.

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Here is the code:

In this file use your created list name in request data with subscription parameters. Must change username in the request url with your own to process the api request. Using above code you can easily integrate trumpia api and add new subscriber in it. Thanks

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