How to Integrate Bulk SMS API Into Your Application Using PHP

Bulk SMS is a popular message service provider. It gives the facility to send bulk mobile messages over hundreds of mobile networks. One can easily use Bulk Sms service into his application by using its api, known as Bulk Sms API.

Steps to Integrate the API into Your Application Using PHP

First thing one need to do is to create an account into with one mobile number and an existing email address as main prerequisites.

Here is the URL, you need for registering your account:

After registering, please note down your username, password and mobile number, as these will be later used inside the api code to make it working for you.

A very important thing to mention here that, the number of api transactions is proportional to the Credits you have in your account. Initially it is zero.

For every new user, BulkSms offers some free credits (5 credits usually), which automatically adds into your account, after you enter the registration code (sent to the registered phone number) into the text box and click Claim button. (See fig. below)


Now login into your account to get a dashboard like below.


Here you can see how many messages you sent, received via Bulk SMs api and many more.

Now let us move to coding part.

Get the integration code by following the link:

You can get a downloaded copy of the code with name int-send_sms.php or get it here:

Now place the file int-send_sms.php on the execution path/folder and just execute it within the browser. You will see the response in form of 3 lines normally (indicating the message status).

(User is advised to use a live web server rather than the local sever to avoid any need of required security certificate etc.)

It may take a little time to arrive, after that you can see the test message on the phone number you supplied into the code.

You can also see the check the status of sent message under SENT MESSAGES section in your Bulksms account dashboard.


Please also note that, once your credits are finished you cannot send any messages. Then user will be required to buy credits from

Hope, the article will help you. Thanks

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