About Us

This technical blog has been started by Mr. Harish Rohilla, the author, a veteran web developer by profession and more of an API solution provider and technical blogger in recent past.

All the content available on this website is totally self tested and implemented by the author himself, working on several projects for his clients throughout his IT career. The author has got enormous amount of experience of working with many PHP based CMS and frameworks along with an extensive working knowledge of API stimulated projects.

CodeFixUp has been started by the author with a purpose to share his knowledge to outer world and thus helping others to find API solutions without messing with the code complexities. The site is enriched with exclusive list of various popular API implementation details along with the code and self descriptive steps, users have to follow to help its integration for their projects.

The author also invites any help query for technical advice or code assistance by the users finding any inability to make successful api integration into their projects. Moreover, one can also take the author services for a partial or full api integration work by paying him the price mentioned on the website for respective API.

We do accept paid work. Write to us to start working on your dream project or just say hi!