Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is all about how do we get and we use the personal information of our users, acquired in different forms.

Like any other site, CODEFIXUP is intended to extend its reach and usability to and for every person searching for api and other web solutions, and in the process invites the users to join or subscribe to our site as a routine. Such routine processes are provisioned to just make the website more usable and fruitful for its users, and sometimes to send any informational or promotional emails.

User is supposed to provide, besides from other details, primarily his email address as the main requisite for signing up and subscribing to the website. Here CODEFIXUP states that, we respect the privacy of our users and honestly not intended to indulge into any activity that may endanger their privacy.

Moreover, for technical facilitation of such information collection process, user is requested to maintain their browser settings to support the use of cookies to ensure the proper functioning of website for them.

Also the site takes care of all the safety measures to avoid any breach or disclosure of user’s personal information to unwanted people.