Top 5 Tools For API Test Automation

Today, a major portion of real time software development has been dominated by API work. API ( application programming interface ) is basically a set of methods that help in building the applications that are In need to use the features, services or data of the API provider.

The APIs are segregated into two categories, REST and SOAP API. Under these two categories, we have plenty of API test automation tools. In this article we are listing some trusted tools.

5 Best Test Automation Tools



Postman is the most recommended tool for api test automation. You can make quick requests using powerful request builder and get even quicker response with it. Facility to test the shared APIs with your team in a totally secured environment makes it topping the list.

Parasfot SOAtest


SOAtest is a reliable test automation tool for REST APIs. SOAtest put special emphasis to preserve the security of API transactions by uncovering any probable vulnerability while testing. Moreover powerful analytic tools, runtime error detection and other many useful features make it a comprehensive testing solution for REST APIs.



It is an excellent tool for automating the testing of REST APIs. Record and replay, Mock APIs, JIRA and Jenkins integration and facility to import test history from other testing tools are the main features of vREST.



Smartbear QAcomplete is another recommended test automation tool. It is more dedicated toward the planning and schedule management of tests and performs exceptionally well in an environment seeking team collaborations. The tool is well equipped with high quality reporting module also.



Selenium is an open source test automation tool, better suited for testing REST APIs. Record and replay, auto complete for common commands, automatic title assertion to every page, testing support for multiple browsers and interactive debugging environment are the main features of Selenium.

You are advised to start using these test automation tools whenever testing your APIs, to make your API more secure, reliable and productive.

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