How to Insert New Lead Data in Zoho CRM Through API

While inserting data in Zoho crm account via api call or third party service, you will need three required parameter.

authtoken : It is the encrypted alphanumeric string.
xmlData : This the XML string data which you need to insert in zoho crm
scopeĀ : use scope as crmapi

Step 1: To insert new lead data in zoho crm account, first create an XML string as below:

Use this api base url for access it :*****auth token*****&scope=crmapi&newFormat=1&xmlData=

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Step 2: Use below code to insert lead data in zoho crm

After complete the steps you will get the success response and new lead data inserted in youe zoho crm account.

6 thoughts on “How to Insert New Lead Data in Zoho CRM Through API

  1. You may try adding & symbol in the company name in your sample. ‘company & name’;. It will return 4835Unable to parse XML data ;

  2. $xml .= ”;
    $xml .= ”;
    $xml .= ‘Slide Share’;
    $xml .= ‘company & name’;
    $xml .= ‘first name’;
    $xml .= ‘last name’;
    $xml .= ’email id’;
    $xml .= ‘phone’;
    $xml .= ‘country’;
    $xml .= ”;
    $xml .= ”;

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