How to Integrate Dwolla Payment Gateway in Website

Dwolla’s api provide the service to send money, request money, add bank accounts, retrieve transaction data and accept payment etc.

To access Dwolla api you need to create a consumer application using this link After creating it you will get api key and secret for api access.

You can use HTML code in your website payment page. This is just simple html form code.

For Dwolla payment authentication need api key, secret, current timestamp and signature parameter.

Now create a signature to authenticate the payment via api call. Need to pass signature in SHA1 hash_hmac() format with combination of key, timestamp, order id and secret key.

$signature = hash_hmac(‘sha1’, “{$key}&{$timestamp}&{$order_id}”, $secret);

Now use below html form code on your website.

There is another return.php file is use for callback and redirect parameter in form code.

In this we use Dwolla sandbox url for development mode. Just replace the url to for production.

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