How to Call Restful Web Service Using jQuery Ajax

Call Restful Web Service Using jQuery Ajax
In this post we will demonstrate how to call Restful web service using jQuery ajax call. jQuery simplifies the calling process for a Restful service. If you trying to implement it on your page than this post will help you.

We are explaining both GET and POST method for a web service using jQuery. In this action perform on the button click. So lets start how to process it.

Steps to consume Restful Web Service Using jQuery:

First create an HTML page and placed an button on it. Mention button ID attribute to add event listener. Like this:

Now add below mentioned js library in your page <head> element.

Write down jQuery code to track button click event. You should use button ID for it.

Use addEventListener to get button click event. Than create an function to GET web service data. Place below script code in your page.

If your want to consume POST rest web service call, just change the “type” value to POST in script code.

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POST Web Service Parameters using jQuery:

If you want to pass some parameter along with the POST AJAX call, than use “data:” attribute for it. See below script function example below:

Today we learned the way to call restful web service via jQuery. Hopefully this tutorial will help you to implement this functionality. Happy Coding.

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