Submit Form Without Page Refresh Using jQuery, Ajax and PHP

In this article we explain how to submit a form without refreshing the page using jQuery Ajax. This can be enhance user experience on your website. Its just communicate with server and update the parts of website without reloading the whole page. So lets get started with step by step.

Submit form Without Page Refresh using jQuery, Ajax

1) First you have to create a Login/Registration HTML form to get the values from web page. You can use below html code for that.

2) Now write the jQuery jax script code to get the data from HTML form and send to the database table. See below code for this:

3) Now create a “datasubmit.php” file to post the form data in Database table.

Note – Just include the database configuration file in it.

Now when user submit the form, than username and password value store in database table without refresh the whole page. Follow above code to implement submit form without page refresh using jquery on your website. Thanks

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