How to Upload Multiple Images Using jQuery Ajax in PHP

In this post we explain you the way of upload multiple images at once without refresh the page using jQuery Ajax. You can use this code any where as per your requirement. Just go through this post to implement this, its very easy and useful.

Upload Multiple Images using jQuery Ajax in PHP:

Lets implement this Step by Step.

1) First create a HTML form to upload the images. Check below index.html code for this.

2) Now you have to write jQuery and Ajax function code to upload multiple images without refreshing the page. Check below code for this.

3) Now you have to write php code for uploading the image files in folder. For this we create a upload.php file.

By using this simple way, you can easily implement this jQuery Ajax script on your website.

Just follow the steps and upload multiple images without refresh the page in PHP. If need any help, please write us. Thanks

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