Getting Started With Podio Api in PHP

Podio is a web based service to organize your business and team and data at one place. Users can use online podio app store as per business need and make it according to own project requirements. Its a very much popular platform using world wide.

getting started with podio api

Podio has api to integrate with other third party service or websites. Using podio api you access his services and app data. In this post we will explain you How to Getting Started with Podio Api in PHP.

How to Access Podio Api in PHP:

First need an Podio account to get an authorization key access. You can get Client Id and secret key Under podio -> settings -> api page.

This option available in any podio app. Just click the wrench button on top right side, than select the “Developer” option to get api access. Make sure first register your app in podio to get api access.

Podio api use OAuth 2 method for authentication. Using this need to allow your external app to access podio without having a direct access.

Step 1: Make an request to get authorization code using below include parameters.

Step 2: After run this url request, you get code which is use for getting the access token. Get this authorization code using $_REQUEST[‘code’]; method.

Step 3: To get access token use below url request.

Use below php curl code to make access token request for access podio api.

By making above call you can get access token result like that:

“access_token”: ACCESS_TOKEN
“token_type”: “bearer”,
“expires_in”: EXPIRES_IN,
“refresh_token”: REFRESH_TOKEN,
“type”: “app”,
“id”: APP_ID

Now use this access token in header curl to GET or POST podio api data. We will show an example how to use token in php curl code.

Now you access all the Podio API operation using this method. This Rest api method to access Podio Api is very easy to implement. If any question please feel free to ask. Thanks

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