Explained Jet Returns and Refunds Process

Explained Jet.com Order Returns and Refunds Process
Most of the sellers quite curious about Jet Returns and Refunds process, How it can be handle when sell products on Jet. Lets explain you complete procedure Jet Returns and Refund order process. Every Jet.com seller must know about it.

Jet Returns and Refunds Process

Jet Returns Process:

Order return is generated by the customer with in the 30 days of order placed time. The customer will have the freedom to request a return on their online account. Their is some cases when customer create an return. Let check in step by step.

First Case : when customer initiate an order return and ship back item to seller. In that case seller must react for corresponding return with in 2 business days. Once the item is returned back to seller, he can complete a return for a lesser amount or can dispute the whole amount. By doing so, seller will be processing a partial refund or you will be disputing the full amount.

Seller have option to agree for charge or not while complete the return process. Although its depend upon seller, but Jet recommend that each seller should accept that charge.

Seller must use Jet.com API to execute Full/Partial/No Refund amount.

Need to Implement Jet API :  Get Quote

Second Case: When customer create an return but will not ship back item to seller. Although seller has responsibility is to just complete any return authorization that has a tracking number showing delivered in it. For example, if the customer creates a return authorization but doesn’t return the item back to seller, he can just ignore it or let us know about this to Jet Support, they will handle it and cancel it that return.

Jet Refunds Process:

Jet Refunds is initiated by the Seller not by customer. For that reason, there are cases. like customer not able to create an Return OR item was not delivered to customer OR Jet support do request to seller to generate a refund.

Sometime seller shipped an order and than get information that shipped Item was damaged or Expired, than also seller initiate an Refund for corresponding order. In that case customer get Full Amount Refund back.

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