FedEX Web Services API Request to Print Various Shipping Label

In our previous post explained the process of print an simple FedEX shipping label using its web service call. Please go through it to check sample API request for create an label. If your are implementing FedEX web service first time, than this post will help you a lot.

First we have to confirm the shipment and than able to print label. Lets explain you How to generate various type of FedEX Shipping Label using its API. To start FedEX Integration, initially work with its Sandbox keys. You can’t apply Production keys directly to generate an shipping label. It will give you an “Authentication Failed” error message.

FedEX has procedure to activate shipping service for your Account. First you have to generate Label using sandbox keys, than after label evaluation process, your shipping service is completely active for use. Generally FedEX ask many types of Label sample for evaluation purpose.

Few Shipping Label Sample are:

Saturday Delivery Label
Saturday Pickup Label
COD Label
Dangerous Goods Label
Item On Hold Label
Signature Required Label

FedEX API Request Parameters to Print Various Shipping Label

Now we are going to explain required request parameters to get print these various shipping label. You can include these parameter in your API request as per your need. So here we are…

1) Saturday Delivery Label Request Parameters:

To add this feature on your label request just add SpecialServiceType parameter with ‘SATURDAY_DELIVERY’ value.

2) Saturday Pickup Label Request Parameters:

It is similar to Saturday delivery type, just change the value with ‘SATURDAY_PICKUP’.

3) COD Label Request Parameters:

COD belong to collect on delivery, means it allow to collect money when item is delivered. Check below request parameter for this.

4) Dangerous Goods Label Request Parameters:

If you are shipping some dangerous items, than you must need to use this type of label.

5) On Hold Label Request Parameters:

6) Signature Required Label Request Parameters:

You can use FdeEX Signature Proof feature to confirm delivery. This is commonly used to confirm about shipment.

Through adding these request parameter in you Label API Request, you can get various shipping receipt. For more parameter detail, please visit the FedEX official documentation. We hope this post will help you to generate various type of FedEX Shipping Label.

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