How to Integrate Tumblr API in PHP

tumber api integration php
Tumblr is the most popular social platform for setting up your blogs. Tumblr has provided Tumblr API to make any operation on your Blogs. In this article, i am explaining the simplest procedure to integrate Tumblr API.

Steps to Configure Tumblr API with PHP

First register an app to get consumer key and secret. Click the link below

You will see the form like below:


Administrative contact email field will contain the email id registered with your Tumblr account. Provide a valid value in Default callback URL

Application Website, App Store URL and Google Play Store URL can be left blank at the moment. And submit the form. On next page you will get your OAuth Consumer key and secret key.


Just save these for future use.

Now to obtain, Oauth token and token secret, go to the following URL:


Here input your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and click Authenticate to get the Oauth token and token secret along with PHP code to set up the authentication.


If keys are not shown, you can see those by clicking the show keys button on the top.

Now Lets us Start Some Coding Work

To get the api code, you just need to get the PHP repository available at GitHub. But the best way to get this code to install this repository using composer, like i did.

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Open command prompt and go to the path where you want to install the repository, and type the command

php composer.phar require tumblr/tumblr

This will install the Tumblr repository at your system along with required dependencies (inside C:\xampp\htdocs\tumblr directory,in my case.) Now on the root path, create “sample.php” with following code:

This will get you the basic information about the Tumblr user. Likewise you can make any other operation on your blog(s) by following the Tumblr api documentation.

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