How to Create Rss Feed Script Using PHP and MySQL

The Rss Feed help a website’s content to crawl and index fastly. For SEO prospects Rss Feed play important role for website. If you have a website in PHP based Framework, than this is right post for you to check How to Create Rss Feed.

Steps to Create Rss Feed Script Using PHP and MySQL:

1) First you have to understand the RSS feed XML file structure. Here is the xml format:

2) Now create a Posts table in your database using PhpMyadmin. Use below code to create a table and insert sample data in it.

3) Now you have to write PHP code to get the post data from database table and insert into an XML format. Make database connection first in php file and use looping to insert the data in XML format. Check below code:

Using mod rewrite you can change this feed file to .php to .rss or .rss. Just one more step left which allow visitors to check your RSS Feed on your website. To do this place following tag inspection of your website.

Thats all about for creating RSS Feed using PHP and MySql. Thanks for reading it.

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