PHP Code to Extract Text and Images from a PDF file

Extract Text and Images from a PDF
It has been a deadly felt need for a code to extract the text and images from a PDF file. Though there has been online tools that convert PDF files into text and other formats, But there had been no programming solution to extract the content from a PDF file, until a useful class added to PHP named “class.pdf2text.php”.

Extract Text and Images from a PDF file Using PHP

With this class, one can not only get and use the content of a PDF file in a web application, but also this class gives user the facility to determine the presence of a specific text string inside the PDF file.

Here is the class file code “class.pdf2text.php”. Include this file in each example.

For ease, I am giving here three example using this class, as follows:


To Extract the Content from PDF a file

In this example extract the text from a PDF file. Create a ‘pdf_to_text.php’ file and include ‘class.pdf2text.php’ to execute library functions.


To Extract the Embedded Image(if any) Available in The Source PDF file.

This example belong to extract an image from any source PDF file.

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search_pdf.php :

To Search a String in PDF file

If you are looking to search any specific text or string from a PDF file than below is example for it.

Many web applications need to use PDF document data for further usage. Using these PHP class you can easily get text and images from the PDF file and use it. If find this post useful, please share with others. Thanks

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  1. Hi, I need to scrape/copy all the data from a section of a PDF page that looks like this:

    I want to take all the variable values in that table and put them into a mysql database. Is this something you could give me a quote to do?

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