Integration Gateway to Connect with Escapia Vacation Rental Network API

Escapia Vacation rental Network provide the functionality to book rentals online. You can implement ECRN api into your website using XML/Soap api. Here i am describe you to integration with it in Soap api call.

EVRN api is SOAP/XML base api.

Primary prerequisites:

Version: Request schema version. Default value is 1.000
ID: Escapianet username
MessagePassword: Escapianet password
UnitCode : It is the unique code associated with the required property unit.

Using this EVRN API partners can use vacation rental units information and facilitate online book it those.

5 thoughts on “Integration Gateway to Connect with Escapia Vacation Rental Network API

  1. Hello Harish ,
    i need get unit user reviews, so i used UnitReviews And SendReviews parameters in UnitDescriptiveInfo function but can’t get user reviews.
    My code is
    $response = $client->UnitDescriptiveInfo(
    ‘Version’ => “1.030”,
    ‘POS’ => $POS,
    ‘UnitDescriptiveInfos’ =>
    ‘UnitDescriptiveInfo’ =>
    ‘UnitCode’ => “1685-271314”,
    “UnitReviews” => array(“SendReviews” => true),
    Pleas help me

    • Hello Imran,

      You did not pass parameter in correct format. Use this format for parameter:

      ‘UnitDescriptiveInfo’ =>
      ‘UnitCode’ => ‘****-*****’,
      ‘UnitReviews’ => ‘unit review value’,
      ‘SendReviews’ => ‘send review data here’

      If still facing issue please tell me what error you got ? Thanks

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