Getting Single Customer Data From Disputesuite Api Call is a multi-user web software, which cover all of your customers data at one point. Many big brands using its service to manage their business data. has official API service, which will help to use its data outside from it. You can Get or Post data from it via its API service. api service

In this article we are going to explain how to get complete customer detail from Disputesuite account using customer id. request soap url :

Steps To Get Customer Data from via API

Step 1: To get customer information we need to pass post field parameters in an soap envelope form. Use disputesuite company id and api key in credential parameter and customer id inside <ApiParams> tag.

Step 2: Pass authorization header in curl request. Must pass the post field content length in header.

$url = ‘’;

Step 3: Post the request API parameter via curl.

Now you get the particular customer detail through his id. Response will show in XML format. It can be parse the XML by getElementsByTagName using DOMDocument.

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