PHP Code to Remove Unwanted Keys from Json Strings

remove unwanted key from json string
Json is the most common format used by API providers to express their output. Json provides a very simplified and easily understandable key-value pair formatted data that can be further manipulated and used at great ease.

But sometimes it really becomes a taunting task to traverse deep so that to reach and get particular key values, particularly in case of very lengthy json outputs and thus require a significant amount of time and efforts to get the required data.

PHP JSON Removing Keys from Json Code

In this article, we are providing a PHP code that can significantly minimize the traversal efforts and help you getting the required data in no time.

Credited to Json-key-ignorer(Ignore) class, now you can ignore the keys that are not of your use and you need to traverse through the json left out after removing the unwanted keys.

Here is the code for required json ignore keys class:


And here is the example code taking benefit of Ignore class.

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Using above code you can easily remove unwanted keys form Json String using PHP. Thank you for reading this article. Please share if you like it.

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