Microsoft Access Database CRUD Operations Using PHP PDO

Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most popular software with a combination of many utility packages for word processing, multimedia presentation making, spreadsheet data processing and data base management etc.

In Our previous articles, I have explained to connect with MS Excel/CSV/MS Word using PHP. In this article I am presenting a code snippet to implement CRUD operations on MS Access database files (.mdb file).

This is pretty simple and can be easily achieved by using PHP PDO classes.

PHP and Microsoft Access Database CRUD Operations

PHP PDO with taking Microsoft Access Driver as a default driver for connecting with MS Access files, fulfills our purpose. Microsoft Access Driver is the default driver used by Microsoft Office and one gets it installed automatically by installing MS Office on his PC.

Here is the sample code for retrieving rows from .mdb file:

Sample code for Inserting Rows into .mdb file:

Likewise, you can make other microsoft access database crud operations on .mdb files using PHP. Thanks

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