How to Integrate Barclaycard EPDQ Payment Gateway on Website

Step 1: First create the account in Barclaycard to get PSPID. This is the id which work as affiliation name in EPQD system.

First run the integration in Test mode. Use this action url for Test Integration :

Step 2: Use the PSPID in given below to HTML code to integrate payment gateway.

In this HTML code change the PSPID with yours and use unique Order Id. Amount to be paid, must be multiplied by 100. You can assign amount dynamicaly as per your requirement.

Currency in the order of ISO alpha code like GBP, USD etc. Language can be use like fr_FR, En_US etc.

CN represent the customer name. SHASIGN is unique string for payment order data validation.

This string is hashed with SHA-1 algorythm and always to be 40 chracters long.

After testing this intergration you can move the development to production url for real order.

Just change the ‘test’ to ‘prod’ in action url. Use this url for production:

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