How to Get Opportunity Data from Salesforce Through API in PHP

To access opportunities data from Salesforce via soap api call get security token, Username and Password.

Also need force Soapclient library files. You can get these files from this link https://github.com/developerforce/Force.com-Toolkit-for-PHP/tree/master/soapclient

You can get opportunities data through query string for example Select Name, Opportunity_ID__c From Opportunity. Select required parameter data as per you need.

Use below sample code to execute the salesforce api in php:


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  1. I want to fetch salesforce opportunities and show in my wordpress website, please help me from where can i start.
    which API can i use or how to setup API.

    • Hello yash,

      In wordpress create custom page to execute salesforce api call. Include all require files in that custom page.

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