Fix Invalid File Type And Directory Not Found Error While Installing Opencart Extensions

Most of the user face Common error of “invalid file type” or “directory containing files to be uploaded couldn’t be found” while trying to install new extension or module in Opencart.

Fix Opencart Invalid File Type Error:

Opencart Downloaded extension is in .ZIP file format and when you upload it via Extension Installer from admin panel. Its show an “Invalid File Type” error.

opencart invalid file type error

Opencart does not support .ZIP file to upload. To fix this issue Just Rename the .zip file to .ocmod.zip file.

For example Extension name look like : opencart-extension-name.ocmod.zip

Solve Directory Containing Files Folder Not Found Error:

After solve the file type error, extension start uploading. In the middle of the process you might get error “Directory containing files to be uploaded couldn’t be found“.

opencart directory not found error

Opencart expect that extension file to be in Inside an Upload folder. To fix this error, unzip extension file and move all the files to new created “upload” folder. Than again zip the extension file and rename it with .ocmod.zip.

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For example downloaded extension file structure look like catalog -> controller.

You should be change it like that upload -> catalog -> controller.

After doing this upload it and now extension install successfully in Opencart without any necessary changes.

Note: Whenever you Install or Uninstall any extension in Opencart, You need to click the refresh button to rebuild the modification cache. So must click the refresh button on top right side of Extension-> Modification tab.


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